In December 2021, rugby players Robert Lennox, Matt Bell, and Martin Muller from Hong Kong’s Valley Rugby Football Club will join the Atlantic Challenge, the world’s premier event in ocean rowing. The challenge will take them more than 3,000 miles west from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain to Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda. This extreme ocean adventure will be the biggest challenge the team has ever faced as they row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes, day and night for around a month!

Robert, Matt, and Martin are dedicating this feat to ChildFund Rugby as their chosen charity. “Rugby is a sport that has given us all a huge amount of opportunity and taught us a lot. We believe that the sport is a great way to educate young people especially about the importance of values and hard work. It’s also what brought us together and has given us all friends for life. This opportunity to support children to reach their potential on and off the pitch through rugby is something we are passionate about. We look forward to visiting the communities to share our knowledge and experiences, as well as raising money for this fantastic cause.

Check out their website here.

We would like to acknowledge support for the East Rows West Team from:

Aravis Capital, Matthew Toms, Donald Blake, Stamford American School, Hong Kong and all the attendees at the East Rows West Black Tie Ball!